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Welcome to MuskyFreak.com

What is MuskyFreak is all about? The idea came to me in 2014 when I attended a Musky Expo in Wausau, WI. At that time, I already had several friends and constituents making lures as a hobby and/or small side business. I thought it would be a unique outlet for them to promote their hand-crafted items to the entire world. So MuskyFreak.com was born and growing ever since.

What does it mean for me as a buyer? You can click on any of the logos and see the items these craftsmen and women have created. You can contact them directly, talk online or over the telephone and order what you would like. No need for a middle man to do your business. Get custom items made just as you want them from the people who build them!



What does it mean for me as a craftsmen?
The site and being a member is completely FREE. I don't ask of any money from any of the builders for being part of the family. All I ask is for you to continue to help advertise and promote MuskyFreak.com on your web pages, at shows, at expos, in conversations and help promote yourself and other members. The site also acts as a Network for those who are involved to reach out to one another if they have questions about the task in which they are working on; whether it be about websites, building techniques, painting, epoxy, tools, or anything related to their business.
Do you advertise? MuskyFreak currently advertises in digital and print media throughout the year in many facets. So you may have seen an ad or two floating around in various publications. Advertising and social media are just some ways we get the name out to help promote our craftsmen and women.  
  Do you sponsor musky outings and groups? Yes, we have helped many organizations in the past and will continue to help in the future. Members are always donating their items to help raise money for special causes.
Do builders in MuskyFreak actually know one another? Yes! We as builders have created many close relationships with other builders within the group. Asking questions and getting answers is what it's all about. Networking across the country has been helpful for many of our builders and beneficial for the buyer too.  
  Does MuskyFreak ever plan on opening a Store? No. I feel a direct connection for the builder/buyer is more important, so having a "store" is less personable and not really needed. Contact the craftsmen/women yourself and create a relationship with them and they will build you just about anything your imagination desires.
How do I order something from one of the members? Go to their website, find an item and then contact them directly through their website. They will work with you directly on getting you the items you're interested in.  
  Does MuskyFreak.com ever attend Muskie Expos and Shows? Yes, most of the craftsmen and women that are part of MuskyFreak do attend musky shows and expos throughout the season. Some members also participate in swap meets, flee markets and community markets throughout the year too!
I like the MuskyFreak logo. Can I use it for personal use? No. The logo is a registered trademark, registered under the United States Patent & Trademark Office. It can't be used without proper permission.  
  Do you have a Facebook page? Yes, we have a facebook page that anyone can join and enter their own photos, stories, tips and tricks. Click onto the link above.
I'm interested in joining MuskyFreak.com, how do I do this? Please contact me and I will follow up with you on how you can become part of the family. Click onto the link above.  

Thank you to all of our USA & Canada Veterans, Active Soldiers, those deployed
and those who have lost their lives helping & defending those who were not
able to do so on their own. Without your strength, courage and dedication,
we as would not have the freedoms to do what we do today.


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